Drake Custom Ceramic Jazz Soprano Mouthpiece Model JS B
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This mouthpiece is not available at this time. 

The Custom Ceramic Jazz Soprano - Model JS B - Featuring a squeeze throat / medium round chamber, this acoustic design is very versatile and great in a variety of settings. A short rollover baffle and concave floor slope create optimal reflection of wind and greater timbre variation when you need it. Includes Rovner L3 Cap and Ligature.

A revolutionary design material for saxophone mouthpieces with the power of metal and a new dimension in tone, stability and responsiveness. Handcrafted in the tradition of the great vintage mouthpieces, we have combined the essential acoustic design elements with this innovative material, and produced a mouthpiece of unsurpassed quality. Our philosophy is that, in order to get the tone quality, and depth of sound that many players seek in vintage mouthpieces, we must get back to the basics of fabrication. Aaron Drake is proud to be the inventor and originator of Ceramic Saxophone Mouthpieces. He is also a leading innovator of ceramic material usage in acoustic wind instruments. Drake mouthpieces has been developing its product line since 1990.

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Custom Ceramic Jazz Soprano

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